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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Without the Ads

I am getting tired of the expectation that my attention is available for ads, whether on TV, in the press, or on a billboard or bus shelter. Or, as of today, on an airline boarding pass... ugh.

So, how about this? I envision purchasing two copies of some crapazine, such as Vogue--you know, the kind where you can never find a page number and it takes five minutes plus tolerating assaults by stinky perfume ads just to find the cover story--and cutting out all the ads, leaving just the editorial copy. I will need two copies because editorial on one side of a leaf may have an ad on the back.

Then, reassemble all the clippings back together and paste them onto the pages of a blank book the same size as the magazine. You would then have an expurgated version, ready to read and not be distracted.

On second though, I think I have just landed on a great reason to hire an assistant or six :)

I am opting out of the unspoken contract that states that my attention is constantly available for abuse by the highest bidder, and that I will constantly and mindlessly take in whatever shill anyone wants to foist before my eyes. (Ears are a tougher nut.)


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