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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nidan Exam set for Friday, July 25

I have scheduled my nidan exam for the last friday of July, at the end of the advanced class at City Aikido (around 7:45 pm, 1336 Mission St., San Francisco, I have been training with Robert Nadeau shihan since September 1993, and have been a shodan since March 2001. This is the last class for me in San Francisco, before we leave for good for Georgia.

Training has been a major part of my life in the city, and I will be sad to leave my dojo and friends here, but once in Decatur, GA, I plan to start a new dojo. Start slowly, with only a few students, incorporate a kids program too, and before long, I hope to obtain a dedicated space where the dojo can grow.

As a part of the nidan promotion, I am required to write a short essay on aikido as well. Look for that to be posted here soon, too.


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