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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Adventure Commences

Yesterday Maria, Rocket and I went to Oakland to purchase an enormous Ford van, the largest they made in 1997. $4500, with 200K miles. It has been well maintained by the three previous owners, and the latest--formerly a truck driver for WalMart--seemed almost obsessive about the van. She had taken good care of it, done lots of maintenance and upgrades, and seemed credible. We will have it checked out on Monday.

Room to carry 15 passengers, if it had seats in it. We have found a bench seat for it on Craigslist, and will snag that on Monday.

The only downside is the 8 MPG city, 16 MPG highway that it gets. And at $4-plus a gallon. Oh well, this will be our ticket to exploring the country later this year when we leave California for good. We plan to spend about two months travelling on our way to our new home in Georgia.

Major step #2 is that we gave notice on our house hear for May 31. We will officially be nomads after that.


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