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Friday, April 18, 2008

Boxes and More Boxes

44 days until moving day.

The fact that we are moving gets more real each day. Yesterday we bought a 15-place Ford van. Today I used that van to bring home about 35 boxes from deep storage at the dojo. (Thanks to all who helped me bring them down from the mezzanine storage.) I have been holding onto photos from my great grandfather Archie Whiting, as well as books and papers from my grandmother Winona Whiting Riggs and my grandfather Frellsen Smith. Now I plan to sift through everything to see what to keep and what to toss. I would like to keep everything that has sentimental or historical (as in family history) value, but toss those things (like church pamphlets from 1972) that do not really speak to me. After storing these things for over ten years, it will be an adventure to dig through them.

The van goes in for a checkup on Monday. Then to the DMV, and then we will trick it out to get it ready for cross country travel.


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