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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Life of a Dad

This evening I got ready to drive down to San Francisco train aikido and see a couple of black belt tests. I had to stop by the dojo in Fairfax first, though, to pick up my hakama and belt. Just as I was about to leave the house, Rocket was whimpering in the bed; he should have been asleep already. I picked him up to shush him and to help him drift to sleep, but he grew more and more upset and agitated. After about a minute in my arms, he started crying out loud, and then he threw up a bellyfull of mom's milk that he had had for supper a half hour before. We cleaned him up and wiped the floor and I took a shower and changed. (Poor little guy, he has a fever now too.) Instead of getting to the dojo to train, I was a half hour late, without my hakama, and so ended up borrowing a white belt and getting onto the mat barely in time for the start of the tests. So I missed a class. No big deal. Being a dad is totally worth it, spit up and all!

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