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Monday, November 19, 2007

No Longer Oblivious

Rocket turns two months old today, and this evening for the first time his eyes tracked over to the television as we were watching Seinfeld. Uh oh! He is no longer oblivious to what we are watching. Time for us to shut off the tube. Maria says that watching the flickering screen harms the brain development of small children. (She then also said it harms the brain development of sedentary adults as well.)

In another move of signficant personal sacrifice, Maria gave up coffee today, and Rocket had no digestive distress this evening, as has been his usual pattern. Coffee in the morning, TV this evening? That is a lot to give up in one day! Are we going to clean up our act once an for all for this kid?


Anonymous jonn said...

clean up one's act?
the answer is yes you will. Small sacrifice knowing he benefits.-not long before he will be laughing at George and Cosmo along with you.
"Get better George!" J..

6:05 AM


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