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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween 2007, in Fairfax

For his first Halloween, Rocket went as a carrot, courtesy of Maria's creation of a beautiful costume. We strolled through Peri Park in Fairfax (CA), THE see-and-be-seen spot that night.

In 2002, Maria and I met the night I went to see my housemate Wendy Fitz play music with Steve Wolf and Otis Scarecroe.

Wendy Fitz and Steve Wolf, May 24, 2002, Café Amsterdam

Otis Scarecroe, May 24, 2002, Café Amsterdam

This year on Halloween, Rocket met them all for the first time:

Steve Wolf, Halloween, 2007

Otis Scarecroe, Halloween, 2007

Wendy Fitz, Halloween, 2007

In a very real sense, Rocket has these three to thank for his very existence, for if it were not for them, I would not have walked into the Café Amsterdam that Friday evening in late May 2002 and might never have met Maria, who was collecting money for the band at the door.


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