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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Home at Last

Saturday, September 22, 11:40 a.m.

We have just arrived home from the hospital this Saturday morning, but we stopped by the dojo in Fairfax first to introduce Rocket to all the folks at the Nadeau/Moon seminar. His first time on an aikido mat came at age three days.

Maria and Rocket were together in Maria's hospital room from Thursday noon through Saturday morning, and by the end of that time they had found their rhythm of sleeping, eating, changing, and cooing (Rocket coos a lot.) His eyes open more and more each day, and he seems profoundly relaxed and comfortable no matter how much activity is swirling around him. If he is fussy, waving his arms and hollering, then I will sit right in front of him and talk to him (the usual stuff, like explaining why W.C. Fields does not seem as funny to us today as he did way back in the 1930s). He gets quiet immediately, his eyes stop roaming, and it is as though he pauses and listens intently.

At one point on Thursday, Maria said to me, "He is talking a lot." "Are you paying close attention to every single thing he says?" I asked, "or are you going to start ignoring him like you ignore me?" Maria laughed. "I am just glad that you two have each other," she said.

Now that we are home, Maria has burned sage throughout the house, we have stashed our cache of supplies that we appropriated from the hospital room, and we have already started the laundry, lunch, and making plans for the coming week.

On the ride across the Golden Gate bridge, under gray but bright skies with a light drizzle falling, Maria reached into the front seat and put her hand on my shoulder and said, "I am feeling very content right now, like I am myself for the first time in a year. And look at this little guy; he is perfect!" I squeezed her hand and did not have to say anything.

Welcome home, Rocket.


Blogger mikaela said...

I agree it will not last long! He already looks different to me (plumper? pinker?)- he's settling in to the business of being an earthly being! :)

I would love to see you guys again soon - keep me posted on your schedule. I'm starting a part-time job tomorrow, and my cat passed away today - but perhaps this weekend or later in the week there will be time to decompress. I cannot think of anything more healing than your newborn son :)

Love n' Hugs,

p.s. I bet Rocket knocked the socks off every aikidoist on the mat on his first day - including Nadeau & Moon. Blending with Baby... :)

11:58 PM


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