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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rocket Moves Out of NICU

Thursday, September 20, 1:45 p.m.

After 30 hours of intensive care, Rocket is now in the recovery room with his mother, completely free of all his monitors and IV. His vitals are perfect, there are no issues with his lungs, dehydration has resolved, and his nursing and other progress is spectacular. Estimated discharge day is now Saturday. The last remaining issue is that the doctors want to continue to watch for the development of any possible infection, a general precaution.

We had planned on a home birth, wanting to avoid all the hospital-caused complications that medical interventions can bring about. Birth is a natural process, and lots of our friends told us stories of how doctors had attempted to control deliveries for their own convenience. One cousin of mine said her doctor first gave her a drug to slow her labor—so he could deal with another patient—then returned a few hours later to give her another drug to speed it back up so he could finish his work with her as soon as possible. And we have learned that many typical medical interventions (for example, having mother not eat during labor) are precautions taken to avoid rather rare complications (continuing the example, preventing mother from aspirating her own vomit in the event she has to be given general anesthesia).

However, once we got to the hospital, the medical interventions we decided on with the doctors eased Maria's pain, sped up her labor, and led to Rocket's delivery in short order. Then, the staff had to resuscitate him, which they did brilliantly. The attitude of the doctors has been: "We need to do absolutely everything to make sure this baby has no serious problems." After the birth and its aftermath, my own attitude is: "Docs, you have saved our baby's life, so it is fine with me if you want to do a few other things to save your own asses as well. Be my guest!"

In short, Rocket appears out of the woods now. Birth is done, and it is on to getting to know him and initiating him into our little family. We have lots to do to bring him up to speed on the happenings in this crazy world, so time to stop writing and get to it.


Blogger aikidro said...

Wow, I just saw the photos of Rocket. What a cutie!! The profile looks just like Joel. Well, and Maria, too. Go figure. Amazing work mom and dad. Congratulations on Rocket getting out of the NICU and into your arms full-time. The pitter-patter is just a summer away! Enjoy.


2:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome! Rocket's in flight! What a cutie! We are so happy for you three and can't wait to meet the champ!

Love to you all,
A proud Aunt Karen and Uncle Colin, cousins Ian and Madeleine

2:52 PM


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