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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Microsoft Tells the Truth With World's Most Appropriate Image

In my new job I am using a Microsoft Windows PC for the first time to any significant degree. While searching for a file in "My Documents" (the "Finder" in Mac-speak), as the computer scans its filenames for the string I entered, a small animation of a dog leafing through the pages of a book appears. After it did not finding anything during 35 minutes (!!!??) of scanning my drive--but it was still looking--I canceled the search. Turns out that a dog looking through a book is the perfect image for such a useless and slow search utility.

UPDATE: November 29, 2007

I have just added 'Google Desktop' to my work PC, and after a few hours indexing everything, it can find files based on titles and content in a fraction of a second. Microsoft: over half an hour; Google: <0.1 second. This is the reason Microsoft is on the way out, or at least very concerned!


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