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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Glad to See Them

My mom is one of five children, and between them, from 1971 to 1983 these five had four spouses and ten grandchildren. My nuclear family of four lived in the same town as my grandparents, but the other four families (15 people total) lived spread across the country.

Every Christmas the extended family would descend on my home town of Ruston, LA, for a week of festivities, and all the travelers stayed in the old home place where the five siblings grew up. Hosting so many people was quite a large amount of work for my grandmother especially, but she loved us all dearly and never complained. In fact, I think she would have complained if everyone did not appear each year.

She enjoyed our company, but also enjoyed her rest and peace when we had all left. Many times I heard her say, "I'm glad to see them come, and glad to see them go." We all knew what she meant.


Blogger bayoubabe641 said...

Hi Joel, remember me? im brenda your cousin. i remember all the meals i ate and times spent at aunt Myrtles house . and Uncle Frellsen thowing his voice like he was in a hole calling out to me lol.. also him sounding like a bird when he would whistle lol do u remember that?? also your son is a handsome little guy
love ya your cousin Brenda Westbrook Soileau

10:51 AM


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