Joel Riggs teaches Aikido, plays piano, enjoyed California for 22 years ('86 - '08), now enjoys Georgia, and reads voraciously.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Quit My Job Today

This morning I quit my job. Long story short, I was working in a small company (15 employees) that did not fit my style or personality. I did not feel like I was being productive at all, and in order to continue working there, I would have had to start lying about how committed I was to their mission and vision. I did not burn any bridges, but it felt great to walk out that door.

My wonderful wife, Maria, while anxious and scared about the loss of a steady paycheck (which would have ended in three more weeks anyway since I had already been given 30 days notice), has been totally supportive and encouraging, and, probably against her deepest feelings, completely trusting through this time. She even said she respected my decision because it was the best not only for me but also for my employer. So we go on.

I am going to take stock of our financial situation, of my resources, skills and abilities, and of our cash flow needs over the next six months while we transition from California to Georgia. It is going to be a challenging and interesting time. We have a baby six months old, a mortgage on the East Coast, and limited savings in the bank. So here is to adventure, hard work, creativity, and luck!