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Monday, October 20, 2008

Starting Over

Well, we arrived last Tuesday after four and a half months on the road. Technically, we are not yet in our own home, which we do not get to move into until November 1. Until then we are staying with my sister and her family, right next door to our house. Our tenants have until the end of the month to finish moving out.

I am glad the trip is done, in many ways, even though it was great to be out and about for a change. I can hardly believe that we were in Santa Barbara, CA; Hanover, NH, and everywhere in between over the past weeks. But, it all reminds me that all these places are there all the time, whether I can see them at the moment or not.

Even though I am sitting here in Georgia, I still know that Hinman Cabin is still tucked up against the side of Reservoir Pond just east of Lyme, NH. The wood pile, with the yellow plastic handle maul/axe leaning in the corner. The three paddles and five life vests in little puddles of water in the canoe in the lakeside shed. The "C.H. 1955" carved upside down into the side of the wooden kindling box next to the wood stove. I can see it all in my mind's eye.

[Hence the name 'BeenThere', which I chose for my map publishing company 13 years ago. Even though I am not on the territory at the moment, with this map I can project myself across space and time and learn the lay of the land from a distance.]

Now, though, I do not miss the road. I do not want to be in the van driving any more, for now. I am content to go no further than a little walk to the coffee shop in Oakhurst three blocks away, to see the same sixteen houses again and again, and to deepen my acquaintance with our new neighborhood.

I do miss California terribly, though, both the place and my friends who remain (Lisa, Mikaela, Peter, Jory, and all the rest). I know that we will make friends here as well, and in time this can place can feel like home as well. But the adjustment is a "thing". It is a piece of work. It is a large task.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous maria said...

I wish you luck, community, friendship, love, joy, passion, and a sense of purpose.

4:49 PM


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