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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Explore Engine

After all the growth in search engine technology over the past decade, I have never heard mention of an 'Explore Engine.' In fact, in April 2005, which is very late in domain registration history, I was able to register for future use.

Humans are great at searching and exploring both, but there is a profound difference between the two modes of activity: 'search' means looking for something one has already conceived of, and 'explore' means to discover what was unimagined. Now that the web is infinitely searchable, it is time to make it infinitely explorable.

Questions I want to address include:

- How do you know when you've seen everything there is to see on the web?

- What does the concept of proximity, of 'Next To...' mean on the web? as in, "my site is 'next to' your site."

- Are there definitive lists of domain names? of webpages? Where can we see these in alphabetical order, start to finish? Yes, I mean all 30 million plus of them!

New Site for

After a couple months of work, I've finally managed to complete the Joomla! version of our dojo website. (Check it out) Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list while you are there.

Joomla! is an OpenSource CMS (Content Management System) that provides a robust administrative backend for managing all the text and images. There are a few bugs in the system, especially since it was not optimized to run in a shared server environment. That's what took so long to figure out. Turns out the trick is to have everything chOwned to the root user, since the installation scripts set up everything as owned by user 'nobody'. That's how the PHP scripts are run.

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