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Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Ways at Once

It is odd to hear myself say it, but I am growing in two directions at once: I am more and more appalled at how much stupidity resonates all around us all the time, but at the same time I am hopeful that each tiny step forward, each micro-advance that we make will contribute to intelligence someday gaining the upper hand against the forces of entropy.

Another robbery, another shooting, another child abduction, another seven-car pileup, another bailout, another salmonella outbreak, another divorce, another bad marriage, another show of disrespect of one person by another, another celebrity headline, another ignorant talk show host railing against the government, another day without a vacation, another argument, another plane crash, and another owie.

But, on the same day, my son climbs the stairs for the first time standing up, I find a better IDE (Coda), I get a lower interest rate, I swap calf massages, I find a ten dollar bill, I teach an aikido class and a kid lights up, I get a call from a friend in California, I see a full moon, I kiss my wife, she kisses me.

Funny thing is, it all makes sense to me. I do not have any questions. In fact, I am at peace with the way things are, all of them. I can still get angry, righteously so, and I can mourn. But there is no need to try to start over again.

Let us just go from here, and try to share a little sunshine along the way.


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