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Friday, July 17, 2009

RIP Walter Cronkite

While reading Walter Cronkite's obituary tonight, I remember how my grandfather used to sit glued to his TV every weekday evening, hand cupped behind his ear, watching and listening to the news in Cronkite's distinctive, clipped voice. I think if there had been an internet in the 1970s then my granddaddy would have been on it constantly, but instead there was only the CBS evening news. No matter what else was on, there was no way any of us were going to watch it during that half hour. It was granddaddy's TV, and granddaddy was going to watch Walter Cronkite. (Grandmother preferred Lawrence Welk.)

One detail: Hoover Roosevelt Truman Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson Nixon Ford Carter Reagan Bush Clinton Bush Obama. Cronkite knew them all. Amazing!


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